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fuck this account

2012-11-24 23:08:07 by Tribes78

im making a new one

I was kind of an immature prick back then. Derp freakin herp.

New Animation Out

2011-06-09 18:41:16 by Tribes78

I don't know why I make these posts anymore. I suppose they make me feel important.

I made a cartoon about those ridiculous E-Surance commercials.

I'm making a zombie cartoon. Should be good. Yeah.

Oh and the collab I was in got taken down I think. FUCK.


2011-03-19 04:50:12 by Tribes78

Something I made got on the front page!!!

I have a 10 second shitty animation in the Troll Physics collab. It's somewhere in the middle but.. yeah.. WHOO HOOO!!!!

New Not-Half-Assed Cartoon Coming Soonish

2010-09-30 14:02:09 by Tribes78

While I'm juggling the trial time for CS5 with my school projects and trying to read atleast a book and a half each day, I started an animation based on some character sketches I was doing in my spare time.

The animation is based around a hyper sensitive member of society Mill. To boost his emotionalisim, Mill kicks some serious ass when he's pissed. The first episode of 'Mill' should come around in maybe a week.

New Not-Half-Assed Cartoon Coming Soonish

I haven't done much in the name of submissions for a while, only because my version of flash doesn't work on Windows 7... apparently ;_;

However, since I started unschooling/homeschooling (Whatever you want to call it) my dearest mother and I have started talking about getting a Wacom tablet and Flash Pro CS5 to learn about computer animation and design. Along with this, I might start contributing to the Art portal. Depends on what happens with the second hand academy (Mount Baker Academy) that we've signed up with to help with the homeschooling. We get reimbursed for stuff that falls under the category of 'Materials for Learning'.

Thought I'd update for all the 7 people who were kind of interested in some of my animations and stuff in 08-09. Eh, whatevs.

Angry Faic Tiem

2009-12-13 20:00:54 by Tribes78

Im so pissed off. I just realized since my computer crashed, Im going to have to get flash again!!! FUUU-

On a higher note, my new computer has Windows 7 on it :D


2009-08-27 22:26:41 by Tribes78

Im not actually 27-33 like it has said on my profile for about 6 years, So... I have changed my profile age to the lowest it can go because honestly I am only 12.


2009-04-11 19:48:42 by Tribes78

I'm glad with the response with my latest work; Epic Snowboarding Flash, which most people liked! (With an average of 2.7 to 5, how could I be wrong?)

I'm working on some other types of animation, like how Dan Paladin animates, and some motion tween stuff. I want to say when my newest animation will be out, I just dont have any ideas for one! So, if you have any ideas but your animation is sh1+, tell me your idea and I'll be glad to give some credit to you when I post it!

I cant start animating again 'till April 13th, because I'm up at a ski resort that my mom works for... If you have any confusion about how I'm posting at a ski resort, it's that my mom is one of the lodge supervisors so I get plenty of time in an office, that has 2 computers.